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ivariety's Journal

ivariety : an icon challenge
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Welcome to ivariety.
ivariety is an icon challenge a bit different than the others out there. There is no theme to the community; meaning anything from anime to fuzzy kittens are allowed to be claimed as subjects. There is no limit as to how many people can claim a particular subject, so that everyone can make icons of who/what they'd like. There is also not a list of prompts for you to follow, no themes to go by. What you choose to make icons of is your own choice. There are three different challenges you can take: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. In Platinum, you must make 100 icons of your subject. Gold you make 50, and silver 25. You can always start with one challenge and work your way up to the next, the choice is up to you. Whatever you feel most comforatable with, since there are no due dates or time limits. There is no application process to become a member, and everyone of any level is welcome to join. From beginners to experts, this community is for everyone to make icons to share with others.

The Way Things Work

001. This is the number one rule, and it is expected to be followed. No flaming, rudeness, or bashing other members' icons. This is rude and immature, and all members are expected to treat each other with expect. Just because you don't prefer a certain icon maker's style doesn't mean you have the right to embarass or ridicule them.

002. No off topic posts, please. This means, no advertising or posting questions to the community. If you need help, go see the help post.

003. You can claim whatever you'd like. Anime, manga, video games, Disney, animated cartoons, tv shows, bands, pictures of puppies, pairings, music videos, movies, picture books, and celebrities. If there's enough pictures for you to furnish the amount of icons you wish to accomplish, then you can claim it. The only things that are not allowed are things that show the following: sex, gore, hate/intolerance, and explicit nudity. Since people of all ages will be viewing this community, it is a requirement to keep things to a PG-13 rating. If you wouldn't want your parents or friends to see that you made a particular icon, then we don't want to see it either.

004. Fanart and doujinshi (fan comics) are allowed to be used. However, you should give credit to the creator and make sure you have permission to use their images.

005. Please post your icons in at least batches of five. There's no rush to post as many icons as you can in one post, so take your time and make sure you have a large enough post to show off your talents to everyone.

006. Spoilers. Every fandom has them, and the majority of people hate them. So, if any of your icons have a major spoiler to a series, please do not use that icon as a teaser and make sure you label a teaser warning in the notes when you post.

007. The process:
- Join the community
- Request your claim
- Start making icons; that's right, there are no set themes to follow! Make what you'd like!
- Post them to the community
- When finished,comment here to get your banner.

008. There is a limit as to how many subjects you can claim at one time. You may have any three claims at one time. No matter what challenge level you choose for each one, you can have up to three. Its reccommended that you go one at a time, so that you don't get burned out and have to quit.

009. The proper format for posting:

Amount added this post:
Total completed:

You can post up to four teaser icons, but all the rest must go behind either an lj-cut or can be linked to using a fake lj-cut or a link. If you need help with either of these things, go to the help post and ask away!

Tips for Beginners

- Don't be scared away from trying to do a challenge here, since anyone is allowed to join and post. Just because you've never made icons before, doesn't mean you can't complete a challenge.

- Don't let other people's critique and criticism get the better of you. Everyone has to start out somewhere, and all icon makers (even the best out there) go through their early days where they're told their icons suck. Take other's advice if you'd like, or not, and keep making. You'll be suprised how much your skill improves after you've made 100.

- Don't follow trends and other icon maker's styles, unless you want to. Its not necessary to copy in order to make good icons, and not everyone realizes that. If you like the current trends and styles, then go for it! But don't feel as if you have to conform.

- Don't make icons just to get comments from other lj-ers. Its a pointless reason to take some time out of your life to make pretties, don't you think? Be doing this for you, or maybe as a gift to a friend.

- Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro? Which one is better? I've used both programs and find they both work perfectly to make icons. I'm currently using Photoshop, since it was what I was taught to use in high school and is what I'm used to. It all boils down to matter of preference. There are quite a few other programs you can use to make icons. If you'd like to know a few more, go ask for some at the help post!

- Need help making a table to display your icons? I've posted up the coding for a table that displays 100 icons. You can find it here.

If you'd like to affiliate with ivariety, comment here.


If you're interested in filling an open position, e-mail Brandi at tiki_stitch@yahoo.com. Bannermakers will need to show examples of their banner making, please. :D

Head Mod/Creator: Brandi
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e-mail: tiki_stitch@yahoo.com

Second in Command: Position Open
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Memories Mod: Krissy
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